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Lucky Keno

A PariPlay-owned keno variant, Lucky Keno was tested from 22-27 March 2017 and certified on March 28, 2017, as per its game audit report. Pariplay also operates World Cup Keno (May 2018). Betting on all possible selections prompts three lucky numbers, thus the online keno’s title.

Lucky Keno Game Characteristics
The Lucky Keno’s starting page is a “hint” message that challenges players to maximize their selections so as to trigger the three lucky numbers, which may also prompt the multiplier-related picker wheel. The orange “OK” icon redirects to the interface’s two major features—the picker wheel on the left and, at the center, the 80-number white-framed blue game board with oval white-numbered detached cells.

Accessed via the “bet” section—beside the “balance”—at bottom left, Lucky Keno’s six bet sizes are: $0.10 (minimum), $0.20, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, and $10.00 (maximum).
For manual selections, the board’s numbers are tapped individually. For automated selections, players click the orange “patterns” icon (above the “clear” bets icon), which then turns into “random 10”—ten randomly chosen numbers based on ten patterns resembling a racetrack, heart, P, X, inverted V, rectangle, up arrow, double horizontal lines, cross, and bisected rectangle.

The active selections turn into blue-numbered white cells. Ten selections activate both the “lucky numbers” display at top left and, at bottom right the “play” icon that draws the 20 red-celled winning numbers. The whirling red-celled numbers indicate the matching numbers.

The Lucky Keno’s golden numbers—simultaneously drawn—in the “lucky numbers” display change into bobbing and glittering numbers if they match with the drawn numbers, wherein three matches trigger the partly visible colorful random picker wheel.

The Lucky Keno payouts as showed at center left, where the hits have corresponding wins, according to the bet. Zero hits pay: X0.2 for five or six selections; X0.5 for seven or eight selections; and X1 for nine and ten selections. Example: for the $0.10 bet, zero hit pays at least $0.02 (lowest payout).

One hit pays X3 for one selection, but pays X1 for two selections—one hit doesn’t pay for 3+ selections.
Two hits pay: X7 for two selections; X3 for three selections; X0.5 for four selections; X0.3 for five selections; X0.1 for six selections; X0.5 for seven selections; but doesn’t pay for 8+ selections.
Three hits pay: X28 for three selections; X9 for four selections; X2.5 for five selections; X2 for six selections; X1 for seven selections; X0.1 for eight selections; and X0.1, X0.5, and X0.2 for eight, nine and ten selections, respectively.
Four hits pay: X100, X25, X5, X4, X2, X1, and X0.5 for four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten selections, respectively.
Five hits pay: X250, X90, X10, X15, X6, and X2 for five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten selections, respectively.
Six hits pay: X500, X125, X100, X25, and X4 for six, seven, eight, nine and ten selections, respectively.
Seven hits pay: X800, X350, X250, and X30 for seven, eight, nine and ten selections, respectively.
Eight hits pay: X1500, X1000, and X400 for eight, nine and ten selections, respectively.
Nine hits pay: X4000 and X2000 for nine and ten selections, respectively.
Ten hits pay: X10000 for ten selections, respectively.

A side game, the random picker wheel’s segments are fitted with nine recurring bet multipliers: X4 thrice, X8 thrice, X12 thrice, X15 thrice, X20 twice, X24 twice, X32 twice, X40 once, and X100 once (maximum).

Thus: the wheel’s maximum win (10X100) is $1000, while main game’s maximum win (10X10000) is $100000.00—the grand total, the game’s maximum payout, is $101000.00.
Lucky Keno’s good software features: orange, green and blue icons in the desktop version; and orange, white, green and purple icons in the mobile (landscape mode only) version; 10, 25, 50, 100, and 500 autobets with customizable loss/(single) win limits; on/off full screen.

Sound effects include trilling, chinking, ringing, jingling, and thumping. Animated 3D graphics: whirlpool, spinning wheel, glowing, and glitter effect.

Luck in Lucky Keno
A game of chance, Lucky Keno’s RTP rate is 80% and house edge is 20%.

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