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Koi Keno

When R. Franco Digital released Koi Keno on September 11, 2018, the developer described the oriental keno variant as a game adaptation of a Japanese-style decorative pond. Themes: ornamental, Feng Shui ideology, fortune, and wisdom.

Koi Keno Game Characteristics
Koi Keno’s loading page redirects to a lush ornamental pond, with flower-lined and grassy banks. Players make their selections by clicking their favorite numbers on the board whose options—in an 8X10 grid—are 80 green lotus flowers floating on a typical turquoise pond.

By clicking the second dice-like icon on bottom right, Koi Keno players can have random selections automatically chosen for them. There is a bet-clearing “X” icon. Players bet on at least one number and up to ten numbers. Clicking the third stack-like icon at bottom right (on the footbridge straddling the pond’s outlet) displays the Koi Keno’s eight bet sizes: $0.10 (minimum bet), $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, and $20.00 (maximum bet).

Located at far bottom right, the play icon prompts the Koi Keno software to draw 20 numbers. The drawn winning numbers—they are represented by 20 lotus petals that fall from a lotus flower at the pond’s inlet at top right—indicate the at winning selections, which requires at least two hits among three selections.

The Koi Keno’s self-adjusting payouts are showed on the hit/number table at the right.
Two hits pay: X5 in three selections; X2 in four selections; and X1 in five selections.
Three hits pay: X20 in three selections; X5 in four selections; X2 in either five selections or six selections; and X1 in seven selections.
Four hits pay: X100 in four selections; X25 in five selections; X10 in six selections; X5 in seven selections; X3 in eight selections; X2 in nine selections; and X1 in ten selections.
Five hits pay: X350 in five selections; X50 in six selections; X30 in seven selections; X10 in eight selections; and X5 in either nine selections or ten selections.
Six hits pay: X2000 in six selections; X200 in seven selections; X125 in eight selections; X50 in nine selections; and X25 in ten selections.
Seven hits pay: X5000 in seven selections; X1250 in eight selections; X300 in nine selections; X50 in nine selections; and X100 in ten selections.
Eight hits pay: X10000 in eight selections; X3000 in nine selections; X500 in ten selections.
Nine hits pay: X10000 in nine selections; and X5000 in ten selections.
Ten hits pay X25000 in ten selections. Koi Keno’s maximum payout (20X25000) is $50000.00.

The good Koi Keno software is in English and Spanish languages. Animated 3D graphics: fireworks; glowing, plummeting, dolly zooming, and blossoming lotus flowers. Sounds: oriental instrumental and chirping birds. Sound effects: plopping, trilling, and chinking.

Luck in Koi Keno
Koi Keno is a game of luck, with eight different RTP rates. Three selections: 97.12% RTP rate and 2.88% house edge. Four selections: 94.78% RTP rate and 5.22% house edge. Five selections: 96.63% RTP rate and 3.37% house edge. Six selections: 95.77% RTP rate and 4.23% house edge.

Seven selections: 96.35% RTP rate and 3.65% house edge. Eight selections: 96.74% RTP rate and 3.26% house edge. Nine selections: 95.97% RTP rate and 4.03% house edge. Ten selections: 95.36% RTP rate and 4.64% house edge.

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