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Released by 1X2 Gaming on May 2016; Kenotronic is a keno-based online game whose title is a combination of keno and electronic. It is one of the several keno games from the developer whose similar Internet games include Tutan Keno (August 2016), FireFly Keno (August 2016), and Keno Pop (June 2016).

Kenotronic’s themes include electronics, digital, entertainment, music system, and futurism.

Kenotronic Game Characteristics
After loading, the Kenotronic software redirects the players to the blue 8X10 board, which is positioned on the display panel of a gray stereo system. The white-framed board has 80 numbered cells, from which the players choose their predictions.
The Kenotronic players set the bet size using the up and down icons beside the orange-and-black “stake” at bottom left. Accordingly, Kenotronic bets range from $0.05 (minimum) to $20.00 (maximum).

Thereafter, the players pick their predictions, which are between one and 15 numbers. There are two ways of picking the numbers. First, the Kenotronic numbers can be selected manually. To do so, a player taps or clicks (un-tapping or unclicking removes a picked number) the preferred numbers on the board.

Secondly, the Kenotronic’s predictions can be automatically picked. Players can opt to reduce, using the “<” icon, the default 15 selections to be randomly predicted before pressing the green “random” icon at the bottom right of the board. Pressing the adjacent “clear” icon undoes all pickings. The picked selections and their self-adjusting, corresponding possible payouts are displayed at the double-framed 2X15 table beside the board’s right margin. Pressing the “play” icon, whose yellow indicator turns red during gameplay, prompts white billiard balls (they have numbers 1 to 80) to toss inside the transparent segment of the virtual knob (its core turns orange during gameplay) at the top right. Kenotronic’s 20 winning balls, which progressively drop from the knob and whose values are indicated at the knob’s core, are deposited in the black rectangle at bottom right. The ensuing ringing as the winning numbers are drawn results from the matching numbers. After all numbers have been drawn, a translucent pop-up shows the matched numbers and the winnings. These are the Kenotronic’s payouts, based on the $1.00 bet. Matching one or two numbers only pays—$0.50 each—when there are less than nine selections. If there are 10+ selections, the winnings for three to 15 correctly predicted selections are as follows. Selecting three or four numbers pay $0.50 each. Five selections pay $1.50. Six selections pay $2.00. Seven selections pay $4.00. Eight selections pay $7.00. Nine selections pay $25.00. Ten selections pay $80.00. Eleven selections pay $250.00. Twelve selections pay $500.00. Thirteen selections pay $1000.00. Fourteen selections pay $2500.00. Fifteen selections pay $10000.00 (maximum win). Kenotronic has animated 3D graphics, including the tossing balls, digital display, falling balls, and flickering board’s numbers. The sounds include ringing, swishing, and techno music. Unfortunately, Kenotronic—it has a turbo mode—uses the outdated Flash technology; thus, it may be unavailable in online casinos. Luck in Kenotronic A game of luck, Kenotronic’s RTP rate is 87.50%. The house edge is 12.50%.

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