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Keno Live

Keno Live was launched on May 1, 2018 by Inbet Games whose suchlike lottery games include Disco Keno (February 2019), Keno Neon (2018), Keno T+ (February 2018), Keno Kickers, Turbo Keno (July 2016), and XKeno (March 2018).

Keno Live Game Characteristics
Keno Live, a live multiplayer game, is set on a jade green background. Its game board has 80 green-and-white numbers. The “bet” icon shows these seven Keno Live bet sizes: $1.00 (minimum bet), $10.00, $50.00, $100.00, $200.00, $500.00, and $1000.00.

Rather than initiating a round, the Keno Live players join a timed session after choosing numbers; the selections can be made by personally tapping the desired numbers or presetting the “random” icon to automatically and randomly pick between one and ten numbers, accordingly. Previous selections can be cleared or re-bet.

Players pick up to 50 bets, each with a set of a maximum of ten selections. After each set of selections, the player clicks “done” before picking the next set. There are blue selections, yellow drawn numbers, and orange matching selections. A set is capped at $1000.00 maximum bet, and multiple sets require up to $5000.00 maximum bet in a single game.

Keno Live has a 90-second betting time and a 90-second playing time; bets are not accepted past the 83rd second into the betting time. The 20 numbered balls drawn previously roll into the gold-tipped tubular display—at the top—before being replaced by the 20 freshly drawn winning balls whose winning values are also displayed, alongside the round’s game ID, in the linen-colored table.

The Keno Live payouts are displayed in credits in the stripped blue table.
One selection’s successful hit pays X3.
Two selections: one hit pays X1; and two hits pay X10.
Three picks: one hit pays nothing; two hits pay X2; and three hits pay X45.
Four selections: one hit pays nothing; two hits pay X1; three hits pay X10; and four hits pay X80.
Five picks: one hit does not pay; two hits pay X1; three hits pay X3; four hits pay X20; and five hits pay X150.
Six selections: one hit, or two hits do not pay; three hits pay X2; four hits pay X15; five hits pay X60; and six hits pay X500.
Seven picks: zero hits pays X1; one hit, or two hits do not pay; three hits pay X2; four hits pay X4; five hits pay X20; six hits pay X80; and seven hits pay X1000.
Eight selections: zero hits pays X1; one hit, or two hits, or three hits do not pay; four hits pay X5; five hits pay X15; six hits pay X50; seven hits pay X200; and eight hits pay X2000.
Nine picks: zero hits pays X2; one hit, or two hits, or three hits do not pay; four hits pay X2; five hits pay X10; six hits pay X25; seven hits pay X125; eight hits pay X1000; and nine hits pay X5000.
Ten selections: zero hits pays X2; one hit, or two hits, or three hits, or four hits do not pay; five hits pay X5; six hits pay X30; seven hits pay X100; eight hits pay X300; nine hits pay X2000; and ten hits pay X10000.

Keno Live’s maximum payout (5000X10000) is $50000000.00.

The good Keno Live software: HTML5 technology; coordinated gameplays; green-and-blue theme color; slider-like countdown timer; and last round history. Sounds effects: classic, chinking, and ding. Animated 3D graphics: rolling balls.

Luck in Keno Live
Keno Live is a game of chance. Each selection has a unique RTP rate. One selection: 75.00% RTP rate and 25.00% house edge. Two selections: 98.10% RTP rate and 1.90% house edge. Three selections: 90.19% RTP rate and 9.81% house edge. Four selections: 89.02% RTP rate and 10.92% house edge.

Five selections: 86.08% RTP rate and 13.92% house edge. Six selections: 93.79% RTP rate and 6.21% house edge. Seven selections: 93.61% RTP rate and 6.39% house edge. Eight selections: 92.94% RTP rate and 7.06% house edge. Nine selections: 93.49% RTP rate and 6.51% house edge. Ten selections: 90.82% RTP rate and 9.18% house edge.

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