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Keno +2 Ball

Keno +2 Ball is a variant from Eurocoin Interactive and Novomatic Interactive. Suitable for high rollers, it is named after its win-boosting “2 Extra Balls” feature.

Keno +2 Ball Game Characteristics

Clicking “start game” loads Keno +2 Ball whose mobile version prompts players to use the landscape mode; in the desktop version, the ensuing “deposit” page—it has a choice of 99 options—is bypassed by clicking “play now!” then adjusting the pop-up window’s slider to set the fund before clicking “pay in”.

Keno +2 Ball has these six bets: $400, $500, $800, $1000, $1500, and $2000.

There are numbered tokens in Keno +2 Ball’s blue background where white prompts separate the two yellow-framed, black-numbered and blue-celled grids—1-40 numbers in the top half and 41-80 numbers in the bottom half.

Keno +2 Ball’s numbers turn green when selected by tapping or clicking “quick pick” for ten randomized and automated picks. Activated after selecting the mandatory two to ten numbers; the flickering green start “>” button draws the 20 winning numbers that regularly appear as off white-and-black billiard balls at the right and cells in the grid.

The hits—mostly appear as yellow-and-black cells and balls—offer these Keno +2 Ball payouts.

Two hits in two picks pay X16.
Three picks: two hits pay X2; and three hits pay X50.
Four picks: two hits pay X1; three hits pay X8; and four hits pay X100.
Five picks: two hits pay X1; three hits pay X3; four hits pay X25; and five hits pay X150.
Six picks: three hits pay X2; four hits pay X12; five hits pay X60; and six hits pay X500.
Seven picks: three hits pay X2; four hits pay X5; five hits pay X20; six hits pay X80; and seven hits pay X1000.
Eight picks: four hits pay X5; five hits pay X15; six hits pay X60; seven hits pay X2000; and eight hits pay X2000.
Nine picks: four hits pay X3; five hits pay X10; six hits pay X25; seven hits pay X65; eight hits pay X500; and nine hits pay X5000.
Ten four hits pay X2; five hits pay X6; six hits pay X15; seven hits pay X30; eight hits pay X250; nine hits pay X1000; and ten hits pay X10000.

Hits marked in yellow-and-red urge the player to: either “collect” the current win or click “2 Extra Balls” in the desktop version; or tap either “X” or the double-encircled “+” icon (briefly replaces “>”) in the mobile version. Doing so draws two more possibly winning numbers at an extra cost equal to the current bet. Keno +2 Ball’s non-progressive jackpot (2000X10000) is 20000000 credits.

The Keno +2 Ball software features: green-and-blue color scheme; menu along the bottom and top in the desktop version, and a hamburger menu at right for the mobile version; turbo mode; play/stop autoplay with indefinite rounds. The animated 3D graphics include tumbling balls. Sound effects: rattling, jingling, and ringing.

Luck in Keno +2 Ball

Keno +2 Ball is a game of luck. Its RTP rate and house edge are unspecified.

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