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Irish Story Keno

Irish Story Keno is a mythological game released by Inbet Games, which is also the developer of the keno variants titled Keno Live (May 2018), Keno Neon (2018), Disco Keno (February 2019), Keno Kickers, Turbo Keno (July 2017), XKeno (March 2018), Keno T+ (February 2018), and Keno Night.

Themes: fantasy, magic, Irish myth, luck, and leprechaun.

Irish Story Keno Game Characteristics

Irish Story Keno is set in a mountainous enchanted forest and under a star-studded cyan-and-purple sky. The crimson-framed green game board is divided into two sections; the upper section has numbers 1-40 and the lower section has numbers 41-80, the pool from which the player picks between three and ten numbers.

Manually clicking numbers is a controllable way of having selections, which can be automatically picked using the “quick pick” button—at top right, beside “clear” icon—where each click yields one automatically picked number. The “start” icon at bottom left draws 20 winning white balls, displayed between the table and board.

Displayed on the domed predominantly orange-and-white feature at top right (mobile version: top left)—and adjusted using the up/down bet icons—the Irish Story Keno bet sizes are: $10 (minimum bet), $20, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000, $2000, $5000, and $10000 (maximum bet).

The dynamic Irish Story Keno payouts, which require at least two hits, are showed at bottom right table.
Three selections: two matches pay X2; and three hits pay X20.
Four selections: two matches pay X1; three hits pay X5; and four matches pay X30.
Five selections: no pay for two matches; three matches pay X3.5; four matches pay X8; and five matches pay X50.
Six selections: no pay for two hits; three hits pay X1.5; four hits pay X6; five hits pay X40; and six hits pay X150.
Seven selections: nothing for two hits; three matches pay X1; four matches pay X5; five matches pay X7; six matches pay X75; and seven hits pay X250.
Eight selections: no pay for two hits; three hits pay X1; four hits pay X4; five hits pay X10; six hits pay X50; seven hits pay X100; and eight hits pay X500.
Nine selections: no pay for two hits, or three hits; four hits pay X1; five hits pay X4; six hits pay X12; seven hits pay X100; eight hits pay X500; and nine hits pay X1000.
Ten selections: two hits, or three hits do not pay; four hits pay X1; five hits pay X4; six hits pay X9; seven hits pay X20; eight hits pay X100; nine hits pay X500; and ten hits pay X1000.

The last drawn gold-and-white ball can match with a selection (ball turns crimson-and-golden), prompting a pop-up 12-segment random wheel picker fitted with X2, X4, X2, X3, X5, X2, X3, X4, X2, X5, X2, and X3 win multipliers. Irish Story Keno’s maximum win (10000X1000X5) is $50000000.00.

The Irish Story Keno software has an attractive interface and full screen. Ambient sounds: instrumental fantasy. Sound effects: chuckling leprechaun. Animated 3D graphics: spinning ball and wheel picker, twinkling stars, glittering pot of gold, swaying magical trees, and a misty levitating leprechaun.

Luck in Irish Story Keno

A game of luck; Irish Story Keno’s RTP rates range from 75.00% for one pick up to 98.10% for two picks, while its house edge ranges from 25.00% to 1.90%.

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