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Cleopatra Keno

With so many online Keno games to play, it can be difficult to know where to look. You’ll want a game that provides you with a good return on your investment, the latest graphics, and excellent value for money. Cleopatra Keno is one of the most popular video Keno games online and utilizes the latest graphics and sound effects. The game is easy to play, and is similar to Keno games that you may have played in a land-based casino in the past. However, the game is also straightforward for players who are completely new to this genre and haven’t played Keno before. Here is a review of Cleopatra Keno, with focus on the features, benefits, and rules of this game.

What is Cleopatra Keno?

The game comes with a wealth of features – making it ideal for both beginners and those who are more seasoned at this type of game. A free bonus is provided when the final number drawn in the game is matched against a marked number on your board. This bonus equates to twelve additional plays, with any prizes that you win doubled – providing you with more chances to win than ever before. The game comes with wealth of features, including Bet One and Bet Max options, autoplay, quick picks, and some of the very best graphics and sound effects around. In fact, the video game authentically replicates many of the features that you will find in a regular ‘real world’ casino, like those you may find in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Cleopatra Keno features

The first thing you will notice about playing Cleopatra Keno is the main Keno board, which is easy to read and uses a blue and red color scheme. An autoplay feature makes it easier if you don’t to have to continuously press the start button during every round, saving you a lot of time. The game is easy to play, with all the information that you need kept on-screen during the game. This includes your bet, the number of credits you have left, as well as detailed of marked numbers, bets, and hits. You can also click on ‘game info’ for more information about Cleopatra Keno. Here you’ll find all the details on how to play the game, and you can refer to this page at any point.

How to play Cleopatra Keno

You’ll notice that Cleopatra Keno is similar to other Keno games that you have played in the past – just match the numbers on your ticket with those that have been randomly generated in order to win. Remember – each round of Keno is called a race, and you’ll be able to position your numbers in certain ways to increase your chances of winning, including placing them in patterns and other sequences.

Cleopatra Keno

The game is similar to that of the lottery, where you will need to match the numbers on your ticket with those that have been randomly selected in order to win. You will be able to select up to 10 numbers every round and choose between 1 and 80. Numbers will be generated throughout the game, and you will need to match these with those on your ticket. One of the benefits of Cleopatra Keno is its free game bonus, where you could be awarded 12 free plays and have any wins multiplied by two. In order to qualify for this bonus, the final number in the game the game will need to match a marked number on your board. For full details on this exciting feature, remember to refer to the game info page for more information.

Cleopatra Keno review

Cleopatra Keno has a number of benefits, including its easy of use, game bonuses, and number of ways to win. Just like conventional Keno games that you might have played in the past, you will need to match different numbers with those have been randomly selected in order to win. The video Keno game features the latest graphics and sound effects, and has a similar environment to land-based casinos that you might have visited before in the past. The game is easy to play, with a wealth of information kept on-screen at all times, such as the number that has previously been drawn and the number of credits you have left in play. You will also be able to change your bet during the game.

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