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Cavemen Keno

Cavemen Keno is a popular game that has been made as a variation of the Keno casino game. This game works similar to that of the lottery. Players place their bets by marking 2-10 numbers and wait as the computer randomly picks out 20 numbers. If your bets hit a certain amount of the selected numbers then you win! This game also features 3 eggs that will appear on non-chosen spots after the game play has been imitated by the player. If the 3 eggs turn into dinosaurs the player will be awarded with 8 times the winning amount. If 2 of the eggs transform into dinosaurs then the player is awarded up to 4 times the winning amount.

Caveman Keno Features:

The Caveman Keno game features a variety of different features that players can enjoy. One of the first features that players can experience is the graphical user interface that features prehistoric creatures along with an additional egg bonus which gives you the opportunity to have a higher payout!
While still maintaining a similar feel to the classic casino game, Caveman Keno has a few extras that are great for adding that extra excitement to the game. This game offers:

• Funky background music to get you into the playing spirit.
• Updated sounds that help you feel a part of the caveman world.
• Amazing landscape backdrops which set the scene to your prehistoric world.
• A complete Statistical Database which has the ability to easily track your play as you go along.
• An easy playing session that allows you to continue to play the fun over and over again.
• Easy display of your bets, pay and credits for quick and easy viewing when needed.

How To Play Caveman Keno:

Step 1. Select up to 2-10 numbers that are between 1-80 and wait for the game to start.
Step 2: Three numbers will be generated by the video machine from the left over numbers the player never chose. These numbers will have dinosaur egg graphics attached.
Step 3: Take note of the 20 numbers chosen by the machine that will be generated between 1-80 and if the numbers match those with your chosen numbers then you win!
Step 4: If the dinosaur egg numbers match with the 20 generated numbers than your winnings will be increased majorly. If you have 2 matching dinosaur eggs then the player will be awarded to 4 times the winning number. If all the eggs match yours, your winnings will be multiplied by 10.

Caveman Keno Rules:

The rules of Caveman Keno are very simple to understand for all players. The rules include:

• Players must select 2 to 10 numbers that range between 1 to 80. Once these numbers are selected the game will start.
• Players need to wait for three numbers to be generated from the video machine from the numbers that were not chosen by the players.
• These 3 numbers will be generated with dinosaur egg graphics.
• Players need to watch the next 20 numbers that the machine will generate between 1 to 80.
• Players then match their numbers up with the drawn numbers from the machine.
• If the numbers match, the player wins.
• If the player’s number match the 20 numbers with the dinosaur egg numbers the winnings will be increased.

Caveman Keno Review:

Caveman Keno is a fun and exciting game that allows you to experience some prehistoric roots while playing a new version of the old classic game. This game gives you the opportunity to place bets between 1-80 numbers and hope that your numbers match with that of the generated numbers. Another twist with this game is that it features a prehistoric caveman element to it that transforms 3 numbers into dinosaur eggs which helps to double or triple the winnings of the game.
This game is great for those who may want to test their skills or who love the original keno game but may want a new look to it. It is easy to play and provides a simple and straight forward way of testing your skills with betting without losing any money. Not only does it provide you with many great betting options, but you can try your hand over and over again to see if you can win bigger and better each time you try until you become a fully fledge Caveman Keno professional player. Whether you’re new to keno or a professional player, you can’t go wrong with Caveman Keno and all the fun it has to offer you.

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