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369 Way Keno

369 Way Keno was released in 2016 by IGT whose Way Keno series also includes Super Way Keno and 246 Way Keno. “3-6-9” indicates the winning ways: the quantity of hits out of three marked spots, out of six marked spots, and out of all nine marked spots.

369 Way Keno Game Characteristics

369 Way Keno’s purple-and-yellow game board offers 80 options—consisting of numbers 1-80—from which the player’s nine compulsory selections are identified; the keno’s players do so by pressing the random-selecting “quick pick” or by personally marking the preferred numbers.

By continually pressing “bet one”, the players can set $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, or $7 (or “bet max” icon) 369 Way Keno bet sizes. A comparatively higher bet does not increase the potential win. However, the higher the bet, the less demanding the hit as detailed below.

Bet $1 covers A+B+C hits. Bet $2 covers A+B hits. Bet $3 covers A+C hits. Bet $4 covers B+C hits. Bet $5 covers A hits. Bet $6 covers B hits. Bet $7 covers C hits.

369 Way Keno generates 20 winning numbers—the board’s post-start red cells. Red-and-white cells are the hits. Specifically, 369 Way Keno payouts are non-existent: for one hit in /3 combinations; for one hit or two hits in /6 combinations; and for one hit, or two hits, or three hits in /9 combinations. The entire pay table is only available after setting the maximum bet, prompting these payouts.

First, these payouts are associated with /3 letters in “AAA”, “BBB”, or “CCC”. Two hits pays: $2.00 for A, $2.00 for B, and $2.00 for C. Three hits pay: $48.00 for A, $48.00 for B, and $48.00 for C.

Secondly, more than 3/6 hits yield these payouts for two differently lettered combinations from “AAA”, “BBB”, and/or “CCC”.
Three hits pay: $3 for A+B, $3 for A+C, and $3 for B+C.
Four hits pay: $4 for A+B, $4 for A+C, and $4 for B+C.
Five hits pay: $75 for A+B, $75 for A+C, and $75 for B+C.
Six hits pay: $1600 for A+B, $1600 for A+C, and $1600 for B+C.

Thirdly, over 4/9 hits attract these payouts for A/B/C combinations.
Four A/B/C hits pay $1.
Five A/B/C hits pay $6.
Six A/B/C hits pay $44.
Seven A/B/C hits pay $340.
Eight A/B/C hits pay $4700.
Nine A/B/C hits pay $10000.

Each A/A, B/B and C/C combination can reach 3/3 hits—at $48.00 each—paying $144.00. Hitting all 6/6 for the A/B, A/C and B/C combinations, at $1600 each, is $4800.00. Getting all 9/9 ABC hits pays $10000. The grand total (144+4800+10000) is $14944.00, which is 246 Way Keno’s maximum win.

369 Way Keno’s basic software has unanimated 3D graphics and classic sound effects. Color-changing (white to red) winning notifications and blinking cues enliven the dull gameplay whose speed can be adjusted, whether playing via a mobile device or desktop.

Luck in 369 Way Keno

369 Way Keno is a game of chance. There is 0.0001% probability of winning the jackpot. Generally, the game’s RTP rate is 94.003%, while the house edge is 5.997%.

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