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246 Way Keno

Launched in 2016 by IGT, 246 Way Keno is one of the three games—along 369 Way Keno and Super Way Keno—in the developer’s Way Keno gaming line. “2-4-6” refers to the formation of the winning ways for the permutations in ABC, when the maximum bet is set.

246 Way Keno Game Characteristics

246 Way Keno has a purple-and-yellow grid, containing 1 to 80 numbers out of which the player’s picks must be six so as to enable “start”. White-and-purple circles mark the selections, which are designated: A (first pick and second pick); B (third pick and fourth pick); and C (fifth pick and sixth pick).

The 246 Way Keno bet sizes: $1 (lowest bet), $2, $3, $4, $5, $6, and $7 (highest bet).
Each bet covers—and yields payouts for—a unique set of hit(s), which are marked in blue at the left. Bet $1: pays for A+B+C hits.
Bet $2: pays for A+B hits.
Bet $3: pays for A+C hits.
Bet $4: pays for B+C hits.
Bet $5: pays for A hits.
Bet $6: pays for B hits.
Bet $7: pays for C hits.

Representing the 20 generated winning numbers, the red cells may fall on A, B and/or on C. 246 Way Keno has these fixed payouts for hits, which are displayed in green at the left.

Thus, “246” indicates the payable winning ways for the amount of: hits involving sets of “A+B+C” out of all six ( /6) selections; hits involving sets of “A+B”, “A+C”, or “B+C” out of two respective combinations ( /4) of “AA”, “BB” or “CC”; and hits involving lone letters “A”, “B”, and/or “C” out of the marked “AA”, “BB” and “CC” ( /2) spots.

One hit—resulting from /2 letters in “AA”, “BB” and “CC”—pays: $1 for A, $1 for B, and $1 for C. Two hits—hitting “AA”, “BB” and “CC”—pays: $10 for AA, $10 for BB, and $10 for CC.

Two hits—resulting from two-letter combinations (nothing for one hit)—pay: $2 for A+B, $2 for A+C, and $2 for B+C. Three hits pay: $6 for A+B, $6 for A+C, and $6 for B+C. Four hits pay: $74 for A+B, $74 for A+C, and $74 for B+C.

Three hits—resulting from three-letter combinations (nothing for one or two hits)—pay $3 for A+B+C. Four A+B+C hits pay $4. Five A+B+C hits pay $58. Six A+B+C hits pay $1700.

The maximum $10 payout per AA, BB and CC hits amount to $30. The maximum $74 payout per AB, AC and BC hits amount to $222. ABC pays up to $1700. The sum total (30+222+1700) is 246 Way Keno’s non-progressive jackpot, which amounts to $1952.00.

The simple 246 Way Keno software: lacks animation; apt for mobile devices and desktops: players can opt for normal, fast or faster gameplays; on/off classic sound effects; and its “bet max”, “quick pick” and “erase” buttons are convenient.

Luck in 246 Way Keno

246 Way Keno is a game of luck. The jackpot-winning probability is 0.0129%. The overall RTP rate is 93.99%, while the house edge is 6.01%.

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