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Luxury Casino Keno Review

Luxury Casino is a pretty old and one of the most famous online casino websites. It was founded in 2001 run by the Casino Rewards group and has become famous worldwide because of its variety of casino games and is one of the most reliable casino sites in the world. Luxury Casino has a large collection of common table casino games including blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, keno and many more that are automated in traditional fashion by computer programs. In addition to the traditional casino table games, Luxury Casino also offers to play self-developed games with amazing graphics and sound effects that make users feel like into a real environment of a casino. In addition to games, the bonuses offered by the site are really likeable like the sign up bonus, VIP bonus offers and in games bonuses and can be used to boost up the credits/funds to max level.

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Software and technical support

The Luxury Casino is powered by the best casino software provider Microgaming. Microgaming has the largest collection of the online casino games. Luxury casino via the Microgaming platform provides both downloadable and no download casino platforms. The downloadable format support the windows operating system while instant play mode can be accessed by any browser. Luxury Casino also supports mobile platforms which support iPhones, iPads and android and these mobile versions of the software are also well-developed. Luxury Casino offers over 470 different games which can be chosen from categorized sections for the ease of users. Everyone can chose what they are looking for from the extensive gaming slots and real money games enhance the fun of such games.

Keno games offered at Luxury Casino:

Luxury casino offer many versions of the keno including the main keno. The same Microgaming services are rendered in the keno games too whose credibility can get to give the games a real flavor of gambling. Some of which are as follows:

Lucky Numbers: In this keno type game you have to flip coins in order to match any of your selected sequence of eights. If the sequence matches and desired eights come up off your coins then you win a bonus.

Foamy fortunes: Based on the same concept, this game allows the users to choose bubbles of own choice to match three values provided by the program. If the values match before the remaining turns you win a bonus.

Keno: The standard keno game in which a game board is used with eighty numbers and twenty balls are randomly drawn. You can predict fifteen of the total eighty numbers. If your predicted numbers match the ball numbers according to the standard rules for keno you win!

Play Keno at Luxury Casino (Doesn't accept Americans; play Power Keno at WinADay instead..

Betting and Payout rules

There are standard betting and payout rules that are applicable to every single game on Luxury Casino. These rules are as follows:

· The maximum limit of bets is 10 for each game.

· The payouts are independent of each game which are collected at the end of the game. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the multiplier values with the bets placed.

· All the payouts are in credits for all games.

Withdrawal and deposit methods

Luxury Casino provides a lot of convenient ways to its users to deposit or withdraw any amount instantly. It has acquired services of the credit cards, visa cards, online e-wallets and online bank transfers. Users can use any of the mentioned facilities illustrated in the bank section of the website. Luxury Casino remains in front of the league in terms of its transfer policies. These facilities are provided in order to make players feel at home.

Customer Support options

The responsive team of the Luxury casino is always all ears to listen to any queries, worries and concerns of the users regarding the games rules and money transfer. The online chat system helps a lot in making connections between the all-time working staff of Luxury Casino who are present on 24/7 basis to answer any questions of the new players or old ones. Another way to contact the functional departments of the site is via e-mail whose address is available on the webpage. In addition to that phone numbers are provided for different regions so that users can acquire any help they want.

Play Keno at Luxury Casino (Doesn't accept Americans; play Power Keno at WinADay instead..

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