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Why Is Caveman Keno So Popular?

There have been many versions of Keno since it first appeared with light pens and dual screens. For those that would like to find out the best variation of Video Keno, it could be better to spend time learning details and benefits of each variation. Knowing why one variation is popular will assist in expanding one’s knowledge on video Keno. For a successful traditional take on Keno, Caveman Keno would offer the best Keno gameplay experience.

In Caveman Keno, each drawn sequence is preceded by three eggs appearing on a random, non-marked number. These numbers appear when the player initiates the play. If the spots are drawn, the eggs hatch into dinosaurs and a multiplier is awarded. Hitting one multiplier does not make any difference, hitting two will multiply the credit you get by four. Hitting enough marked numbers will produce a win. As seen, Caveman Keno offers a simple and easy gameplay but what makes caveman Keno so popular?

Better payback.

Apart from the fact that players have it fun and easy in the game, they also have a chance to improve their earnings. Caveman has one of the best paybacks known. It actually offers its players nine best paybacks in Keno. The paybacks available offer its players a chance to improve their winnings even above 90%.

Caveman Keno has about six different pay tables available for each version of Caveman. They range from about 88% payback to over 94%. This is considerably high compared to other versions of Keno. The loosest setting of Caveman will actually pay back better than 95% compared to keno games.

The 1,000- 1 8X version of Caveman Keno is known to offer the best rewards. This makes this version immensely popular, it further features relative equality in its overall paybacks. Apart from simply achieving big wins, the odds of achieving big awards are higher.

Apart from huge winnings players get if the numbers they have chosen have the correct matches, the bonus system in the Caveman Keno offers a better opportunity with those that are great in financial need. For professional casino players, playing Caveman Keno is one of those games where they will have to get great assurance that they will enhance their money. This is why the game is so popular among professional casino players.

Enticing bonus strategy

The game further features a bonus system that is very enticing to its players. The bonus system is the reason for huge paybacks within the game. This bonus system allows its players to multiply their winnings by some factors, these are 1, 4 and 10. As mentioned earlier, the main feature of the game is dinosaur eggs.

After choosing 10 numbers from number 1 to 80, the caveman Keno machine will be drawing and generating three numbers that the player has not chosen. When all the numbers have been generated, the three dinosaur eggs will mark the numbers. If one of the dinosaur eggs has a match, then the winnings is multiplied by 1. If there are two matches, four will be used to multiply the winnings of the player. If there are matches, the winnings of the player will be increased ten times. This will result in very huge wins.

Simple rules that are easy to understand

Apart from big wins offered by Caveman Keno, the rules of playing the game are simple and very easy to understand. The strategy for achieving a win is simple and easy. For beginners that would like to play the game safe and play longer, it would be better to choose fewer numbers since it will be better to create a break even. For players that would want more excitement, they should go for the risky option of choosing more numbers. High numbers will result in several possible winnings in the game.


Caveman Keno can be played across many casinos in the internet. The game can also be accessed via your phone after downloading it on play store. Caveman Keno is a great game for anyone that would like to receive a huge payback and multiply their wins. The game is exciting, easy to play and should entertain you for several hours. It is not stressful by any means since players simply have to pick numbers then wait for the numbers to be drawn by video machines. Players should try the game because apart from expecting to highly expand their earnings, they will greatly enjoy the game.

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