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Single Card Keno vs Multi Card Keno

Would you rather have one at a time or a bunch at the same time?

So I’m assuming you know how to play both single card Keno and Multi Card Keno but what are the differences between the two? Aside from the obvious answer of the amount of cards you can play there is many other differences you should know before deciding which game better suits your style of play. In this article I’ll go over the pros and cons of both games and hopefully by the end you’ll be able to decide which version of the game is better for you and in my humble opinion one version blows the other out of the water and you’ll agree also.

Single Card Pros and Cons:

Single card Keno is the basic version of Keno where you play one card and one set of numbers at a time. It may be easier for some people to focus on one card and one set of numbers at a time but, believe me, that grows incredibly boring very quickly, and with only one card you have significantly less chances of winning.


  • Easy to follow for beginners
  • Slow Pace for beginners and children alike
  • Great for people who like to bore themselves to death
  • Can Watch Matlock while playing due to the snail like speed of the game
  • Helps people with insomnia


  • Boring
  • Less chance of winning
  • Time consuming
  • Grows old very quickly
  • Super slow pace allowing you to watch Matlock while playing the game
  • Will have to use the bathroom due to over consumption of coffee to stay awake

Okay so I may not be the biggest fan of Single Card Keno. I used to be, believe me – till I discovered Multi Card Keno at WinADay Casino.

Multi Card Keno Pros and Cons:

Multi Card Keno is the new and improved version of Keno it’s like the Xbox 360 to Single Cards Atari. You have the ability to play to seven cards at once and seven different sets of numbers also. With that amount of cards there is also that many more chances to win. It’s a fast paced thrill ride that’s sure to keep you involved for the duration of your playing session. Visually it looks amazing, it’s exciting and the speed of the games is awesome.


  • Fast paced
  • 7x more chances of winning
  • Visually appealing
  • Enjoyable
  • Exciting
  • The ability to run different set of numbers during same game to help find a pattern
  • Can play for long periods of time without getting bored
  • Great for fans of multi-tasking


  • Overwhelming at first
  • Fills up your wallet to quickly
  • Can’t watch Matlock while playing due to cheetah like speed of the game
  • Bad for people who can’t multi-task ie. Walk and chew gum at the same time

So obviously there is NO question which version is better to play! Multi Card is SO much better that this isn’t even a contest. It’s the same game just with more cards so how can it not be better. When a game can look good, sound good, offers you plenty more opportunities to win money and can keep you entertained for hours on end then why would you even try another version plus the Power Keno version of Multi Card Keno over at WinADay Casino is mind-blowing they have done such an amazing job at every aspect of the game that I can’t find anything to say bad about it! But if watching Murder She Wrote while you gamble is more your style, then by all means go play Single Card Keno, just don’t forget your coffee cause Single Card will put you to sleep.

But if you want to play a game that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat while you go on nice long winning streaks all while your eyes, ears and heart get taken for a ride then this game is for you my friends I know you’ll love it as much as I do. That’s all for now folks I gotta go because the Golden Girls is starting!!

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