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Online Keno vs Live Keno

Online Keno vs Real Casino Keno

Many people would argue that all games are better when you play then at a real live casino. Well I for one disagree and there is a growing number of people who would much rather play from the comfort of their own home then at a real casino.

I think that playing Keno both online and live have their pros and cons and hopefully after you read this you will be able to figure out the best place to play for you.

Real Casino Keno

Playing Keno at a real casino can be one of the better casino experiences a person can have. Not only are there a bunch of people around to witness your reaction to your huge win, but the atmosphere of a real casino can never be duplicated on a computer.


  1. Atmosphere – There is something about being at a real casino that just gets your blood flowing and your adrenalin pumping. All the noise, all the players winning money. It really is an experience
  2. Etiquette – When you are at a real casino playing Keno, there are rules you must follow as a player. Traditionalists really love this aspect of Keno
  3. Audience – There is nothing like catching a big win and having people all around look at you like you are the King.


  1. Etiquette – Now for some players the rules of the game can be a bit of a pain in the ass.
  2. Speed of the game – While playing at a real casino, Keno games take some time to be completed compared to online games
  3. Comfort – Although most casinos offer Keno players a place to sit, the seats are never very comfortable.
  4. Noise – With all of the people talking, slot machines dinging and other games taking place, a casino can be a very loud place.

Online Keno

With some many different variations available and the overall speed, online Keno is quickly gaining incredible popularity. You will never get the experience of a real casino but online Keno offers players plenty of options that you wont get a real casino


  1. Better Payouts – Thanks to there being so many different casinos and versions of Keno, Online pays out better than at a real casino
  2. Variations – There are so many different ways to play online that if a person were to become bored of a certain style of Keno then there are plenty of others variations to switch to
  3. Comfort – Nothing beats playing a nice long session of Keno in your pajamas. And nothing beats being able to sit on your comfy computer chair,couch or bed to play
  4. Free Food and Drinks – Well not technically free as you had to buy it at the grocery store but not having to over pay for things at a real casino is a bonus
  5. Speed – Online Keno games are fast. Sometimes your winnings are still going into your account as you are picking your numbers for the next round
  6. No rules to follow – You want to have a loud conversation with someone in the room? Go for it. You want to watch the football game on as loud as the TV can go? You can do that also. You can do whatever you want while playing Keno from home. Well as long as its legal to do where ever it is that you live.
  7. No long walks to the bathroom – Nothing like having to use the bathroom at a casino and then having to walk for what seems like 30 miles just to use it. While at home the bathroom is right there. And if you have a laptop then you can play while going!!
  8. Smoking – For people who don’t smoke then when at home you don’t have to put up smoke. For smokers you can smoke while you play or at least not have to go outside into the cold to have a cigarette


  1. Playing alone – Unless you have friends or your significant other on another computer playing with you
  2. No atmosphere like a real casino – This is impossible to duplicate. If you are a fan of the real casino atmosphere you wont find it online
  3. A chance to go out – A lot of people like looking forward to being able to go out for the night.

I for one would much rather play Keno online then at a real Casino. Nothing quite like playing from home in you pajamas, on your bed watching the game on TV while playing Keno on your laptop.

When you look at the Pros and Cons of playing online versus the Pros and Cons of playing at a real casino it really isn’t even a contest.

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