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Keno vs Slots

Keno and slots are among the most popular games of chance at most online gaming sites. They have a huge popularity due to their potential jackpots and their simplicity. Experienced and beginner players will enjoy these games for playing with real money or simply for practice. Little strategy is usually involved, players never know when a small bet will produce a high payout.

Keno gameplay involves selecting numbers on a keno card while in slot, players have to make spinning reels and try to select certain symbols by pushing a button. While Keno and slots offer the same gameplay of placing a bet to win a jackpot, some players tend to prefer Keno over slots. Here are reasons why Keno is better than playing slots.

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About Keno

Historians will agree that keno was first played in China, it then became widespread within the 19th century. Keno is largely similar to lottery since it involves matching numbers on a card to get a series of randomly generated numbers. Keno is highly enjoyable, the rules are simple and enjoyable to allow players of all experience to play.

Keno odds

Keno requires choosing numbers on a keno card which matches randomly selected numbers. Slot on the other involves matching symbols within multiple spinning reels. Slots and keno are largely different due to the odds of winning. Since Keno involves selecting numbers that match with drawn numbers, payouts here would correspond to the numbers that have been successfully matched. Keno games wins are achieved by correctly matching several numbers. Since winning depends on matching numbers, Keno offers better winning odds. While payouts can vary between casinos, Keno odds are mostly the same.

Betting less with Keno

Some video slot and Keno games allow players to bet for simply a penny per turn. However, the main difference here is the greater percentage of penny that slots come with. For instance, for betting with slots, there is a chance that you may have to pay for every payline. Paylines in slots vary from about 20 to 50 which results in a higher betting amount. Keno games on the other hand have a lower betting range. You can find a decent number of keno machines that do not require you to bet more than $0.01.

Keno and slots pay is almost similar

Slots have a huge reputation for having the highest paying games. Slots are only superior to Keno within the high dollar bet. This does not mean that Keno does not pay much. When compared to slots, Keno would offer an 80% payback while that of slots would be 92%. Considering better odds with Keno and payouts close to slots, most players therefore opt for Keno.

Keno games last longer

Even though slots tend to have a better payback, Keno players save money in the long as the games take longer to play. Rather than simply spinning reels in slots and waiting for the outcome, Keno players tend to select multiple numbers within their card and wait for the virtual air machine to display 20 numbers. As for slots, the spins are decided within a second or two, this takes a very little amount of time. Keno players therefore enjoy playing the game for longer.

Winning potentials

Both keno and slots offer its players a high amount of winning potential. Keno incorporates different odds and numbers that may not be very attractive. However, there is always a high potential to turn small bets in Keno into thousands of dollars. It is common to hear keno players win jackpots that run to tens of thousands of dollars. Keno games are popular due to their potential big wins. Slots on the other hand have lower odds of winning a significant amount of money.


Keno and slots are the most popular games in online casinos. The games have simple rules and require little strategy and experience. Even though Keno is preferred by players in many casinos, there is still a place for slots on other floors too. Additionally, you will find Keno and slots on every much online casino. That said, there is no need to choose between the two games as they are both offered in most casinos. Players of all backgrounds and experience levels will highly enjoy slots and keno for their payout potential and their constant excitement.

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