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Keno vs Bingo

Keno vs Bingo

People often say “What’s the difference between Keno and Bingo?” or “It’s all just a numbers game so they’re the same right?”. In this article ill be going over the differences between the two games and showing you how vastly different they really are.

Keno and Bingo may seem like the same game and do share some similarities from afar but once you breakdown all of the differences between the 2 you see that these games are not even close.


First lets go over the how the numbers that are played are decided for each game. In Bingo for a person to play a game they must first purchase a Bingo card. On each Bingo card there are 24 completely random numbers that surround the Free Space box in the center of the card. The player can look at the card and choose it based on if they like some of the numbers that are on the card or if they have a good “vibe” about the card itself.

For Keno players can not only decide which numbers to play but how many numbers they would like to use during each game. The Keno card has 80 numbers on it and the player can choose at will which numbers they would like to play. You have more freedom when playing Keno as you can choose your lucky numbers, you child’s birthday numbers or whatever number or numbers you desire


In Bingo the player must wager a certain predetermined amount of money for each card that they are going to use. Each card for each player costs the same amount of money so you can’t wager more money to win more money.

For Keno players can decide ho much they would like to wager for each game and for each game the player can choose to bet a different amount. If a player would like to bet $20 on one game they $30 on the next they can do that. With the player being able to risk more money for each game that same player is able to win more money thanks to the complete control that Keno gives its players.


Now let’s have a look at how the numbers for each get drawn. In Bingo the numbers are drawn at random and each time a number is called each player with that number on their card is to mark it off. Numbers will continue to be drawn until a player has a line or a full card and they will then yell Bingo. All players must wait while the person that has called Bingo has their card checked out to make sure they did indeed win. If that person was right and they did win then all others players must get new cards as there is only one winner per game of Bingo.

For Keno a set number of numbers are drawn. As the numbers are drawn each person who has a chosen number called is to mark it off on their card. In Keno there can multiple winners and these winning vary based on wager amount and the Keno games pay-table.


Lastly lets go over the most important part of any game and that’s how to win. In a game of Bingo players can win in a couple of different ways. A player can call Bingo if they have a completed line, if they have managed to hit all of the numbers that ere predetermined to form shapes or if they have managed to fill out their entire card. The Bingo player has no control over their fate after they have picked out their card at the beginning of the game.

Keno games have a set pay structure. By doing this it makes sure that all players have the same chances of winning. There are various ways to win in Keno and each game has a different pay-table. Players can win for matching a certain amount of numbers, hitting all numbers or catching no numbers at all.

Keno vs Bingo Breakdown

Although these games seem similar they are very, very different. I personally much prefer the game of Keno. When you play Keno you have so much more control over each game compared to Bingo. You can choose you own numbers, how many numbers you play, how much you bet per game and can choose which game to play based on the pay-table.

You also have a better chance at wining while playing Keno. Only one player can win at Bingo vs numerous players at Keno.

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