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Keno Scratch Card Blog #9: Yellow Keno

We’ve did a lot of doublers lately like the frogger and keno scratch cards I did last week. However I thought I should go back to normal for this one – just stick with a traditional keno card. Plus sometimes with the two cards it’s a pain in the butt having to write AND take pictures AND scratch 2 cards. Yes – it’s a hard life.

So we’re going with YELLOW KENO which is a Bonus Keno card. Here’s how it looks:

This one as you see the top prize is $50k. You also can enter Daily Keno if you get the two numbers there. Then there is also the fast $5 where you only need 2 numbers. So many ways to win I love it.

Let’s get scratching the top row shall we? Okay let’s do it:

You probably can’t see the top right number – it’s 54. So we got 39, 38, 41, 73 and 54. This is GREAT because immediately we get 3 of the 4 numbers to win $6. We only need 74. Last time out we won $6 too so hopefully we can do that again.

Let’s scratch the next row and see if we can unlock 74 and get us freerolling for the rest:

Unfortunately not. However with 2, 4, 52, 59 and 56 we hit a lot of numbers for the $50,000 prize. Actually with 10 numbers left to scratch we only need 4 numbers to hit the jackpot of $50k. How sick would that be? Only need 61, 63, 64 and 67. Surely that is easy. Right??? Right?????

We scratch the next and get 67…omg…61….oh my god no way…63. And then 9 and 10.

Holy crap look at this bad boy:

LOOK HOW CLOSE WE ARE TO WINNING. We just need 60 on the 5th row. Also 74 for $6 but I am going to aim higher with 64.

Let’s do the last row. 5 numbers, and if we get just ONE of them as 64, we shall actually win $50,000.

Drumroll please….

First number is a 6 and a 4….sadly it’s 46, 64 backwards.

Then 79.



And I scratch the last number and I see a 6………….

60. Sigh.

So after all that we didn’t win anything. Oh well – of all the times I’ve been scratching these cards I have to say – that was probably the most fun one yet. I had a freaking blast with that and I took some time before scratching that last row to think of what I’d do if I won $50k.

That was fun. Thanks for reading. It gives me an excuse to scratch these on a weekly basis haha.

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