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Keno Scratch Card Blog #7: Cash For Life

Welcome to the 7th Keno Scratch Card blog.

In previous scratch card blogs I’ve purchases a bonus scratch card to go along with it. This one is one of my all time favourite scratch cards – it’s the cash for live scratch card.

Actually even better – this one is DOUBLE cash for life. So instead of $1,000 per week you get $2,000 per week.

Here is a picture of both the Keno Scratch Card and the Cash for Life:

Funny story about Cash for Life – this is going back about 10 years now, but I had a friend who was in a relationship crisis. He had called me over to talk because he was very upset. This would be the perfect time to have some beers but I only had $5 to my name.

I said to him we’d go to the store, and buy Cash for Life. If I won then we’d buy beer with the winnings. Even if it was just a six pack.

Went to the store and won $50!!!! I’ll never forget that one and Cash for Life has always been my favourite scratch card ever due to that.

Alright let’s start with the Keno card then move onto Cash for Life….

Well a fantastic start as you can see. 3 numbers off the $6 one – only need 5 and we’ve won six bucks – double the cost of it. Can’t beat that! Well you can if we got 4 but hey I’ll take it.

Let’s scratch the next row:

Awww…no 5. But now we need just 32 for $3, and 19 for $5. Sweet sweet start.

Alright onto the 3rd row – let’s see if we can pick up one of those smaller prizes:

Unfortunately not. But hey we only need 32, 19 or 5 for a winner.

Let’s do the last row…..

18. Aw man 1 off.

33. Oh come on what a tease.




Ugh. Here’s the final results:

Unbelievable to have such a good start and for it to go to crap.

Oh well – onto Cash for Life. I don’t have any friends in need at the moment but with the bad luck we’ve had on these scratch cards I’m rather in need.

So in Game 1 we need 3 of the same:

Horrible. Not even a real teaser there – although I hate all those 5s because you spend about 20 minutes just looking over it all to make sure they ARE different.

Alright onto Game 2 – again just have to match.

And again – nothing. Game 3 it is. We get off to a nice start because half scratched and we have 2 $50s:

Can history repeat itself?

No 🙁

And unfortunately the pictures all messed up due to the flash – so here’s how it ended:

Game 5 was a fun one because I got 2 Life symbols right away. Your heart ALWAYS races a little bit there. That was it sadly – but on Game 6 we got the car, matched it up with another car and made $4 woohoo. I’ll take it.

It’s not cash for life – but it’s cash for another scratch card and you can’t beat that!

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