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Keno Scratch Card Blog #3

Well – I’m hoping it’s third time lucky. Despite coming close the last few times we’ve did keno scratch cards together – we still haven’t won anything!

I’ll take a $3 win at this stage!!

This one is different than the others as it is a Bonus Keno Scratch Card. Here’s how it looks:

So we have the 20 numbers to scratch off as is standard. However the odds for this one are better at 1 in 2. Then there’s a fast $5 where we just need 2 numbers on either. Finally there is an additional game where we get 3 $1 Daily Keno free plays. That’s pretty cool.

The last two scratch cards were just single card keno games – this one adds a few incentives with the bonuses so I’m quite excited to play. The odds of winning are apparently 1 in 1.86 which is pretty sweet.

Let’s scratch the first row:

26, 13, 41, 12, 75. So we get 2 numbers scratched off on the $6 prize right away. Not too shabby. Also 2 on the $50k – man wouldn’t that be sweet.

So 16 & 33 needed for $6. Let’s scratch row #2:

5, 49, 57, 38, 72.

Okay, that was a GOOD one!!! We’re now halfway there to the $50,000 prize at the halfway mark of scratching the numbers. We also are just one away from a $5 prize on BOTH of them.

I’m feeling good. This is going to be a winning keno scratch card I can feel it.

Let’s get to row #3 and see if we can get a winner here – or at least some more in the $50,000 row mark:

6, 66, 47, 02, 09.

Well, that was both good and bad. Bad in the sense we didn’t get the $6 or $5 prizes – but good in the sense that we got THREE off the $50,000 mark.

So now to get the $50,000 prize with 5 numbers left, we need to get 2 of them. ANd we can also pick up a $5 prize too or gain entry to the Daily Keno Free Play Prize Draw.

So are you guys ready? Fingers crossed….#33 and #65 is all we need for a big pay day. And I’ll buy everyone reading this blog….I dunno, a hot dog or something. Hey it’s my money!

Alright let’s do the final row….

The first number is 65. WOW. That’s in the $50,000 prize list.

We need just 33 to do it. Come on 33, come on lucky 33!!!

And the second number is 44. Bummer. Although that gives us just 2 numbers left needed in the $10 prize row.

Third number 71. No help anywhere.

Fourth number….3. I saw the 3 and got excited. Damnit. Another one no help.

Fifth number….48.

Ugh. Nothing.

Must admit I really thought we were going to get the $50k prize haha. Oh well what can ya do?

Stay tuned to the blog for more Keno scratch cards in the near future.