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Keno Scratch Card Blog #23: Bejeweled Scratch Card

If you’ve been following our scratch card blogs, you’ll know we are on a massive drought at the moment.

We haven’t won in what feels like 50 freaking years.

Hopefully we will win something today though – we went for the Bejeweled card that we have never tried before and it’s valued at $10 so there’s a good chance we can win a prize although the minimum prize is $10 so who knows.

That game looks pretty neat and we’ll start it soon and I’ll explain how it works.

But first let’s do some Keno action. here are the two cards:


Okay so with Keno we scratch the first row. Take a picture then scratch the next row and so on.

Let’s scratch the first row:


We got 63, 54, 06, 13, 41. So we have just 76 needed for $5 after one row. A good start.

The next row we shall scratch and here’s what we got:


80, 45, 51, 46, 28. Now we have some good options. $3 and $5 are just one numbe raway on each of them and we even have quite a few on the big $5k. Maybe that’s why we have a drought as we are going to win big.

One can dream.

3rd row:


We got 3, 62, 57, 11, 65.

That is a good one. We need 10 and 73 and we are good. Man that would be nice – $5,000 is ours. Super easy.

10 right off the bat. Just need 73 for the big one.

37 which is 73 reversed. Does that count?


59. One more blah.

Final one is 17. Nothing sigh. Here’s the final card:


Okay so Bejeweled. It’s pretty symbol:

– Scratch off a symbol at the top.
– Get co-ordinates.
– Scratch those co-ordinates off to reveal a symbol.
– Get a certain amount of symbols and win the prize.

Pretty neat game I like it. Let’s scratch the first row:


First row done. This card quite annoys me actually as some others get scratched easily. Anyway here’s what we have:

1 Black hole.
1 whirl.
1 Spaceship.
1 Saucer.
1 Alien.
1 Moon.
1 Lightning.

A big variety. Let’s do the next row – and I’m going to write down each symbol we get so we can keep track.

A black hole. So that’s 2 Black holes. I guess that’s how I’ll write it. Tally it up as we go.

1 telescope.

1 sun.

2 whirls.

2 lightning.

2 telescopes.

2 Alien.

2 moons.

Here’s the card:


So updates tally:

1 spaceship.
1 saucer.
2 aliens.
2 moons.
2 lightning.
2 telescopes.
2 whirls.
2 black hole.

In terms of winning – 1 more telescope gets us $20. 1 more black hole is $200 and 1 more alien is $500. Everything else we need 2 of. Let’s do the last one.

2 saucers. need 1 more of those for $10.

Should note my daughter who has been helping me has left as she is going on a playdate. Maybe she is bad luck and now she is gone I will win. Man I hope so. That would be hilarious.

2 spaceships.

1 star.

1 planet.

3 symbols left.

1 sun. Bah.

Oh wait – we got a sun at some point and I missed it. And we just got another one. So 1 more sun would be $100k?

Doesn’t matter. Got a moon. Damnit. Need 4 moons for $1k.

Then the extra prize lot.

Won F-all.

Final card:


Drought continues.

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