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Keno Scratch Card Blog #22: An Old Favourite

Well it’s time for yet another set of scratch cards – and this one we are going with Keno and DOUBLE Cash for Life.

We really need a win as we haven’t won in a few weeks.

Cash for Life – funny that it’s double cash for life now. They must really be hurting in sales – you’d think $1k a week would be enough for people but I guess not. I remember when that was all the rage about a decade ago.

I was thinking what if they canceled it at some point – and stopped doing the cash for life. Imagine that? You become reliant on that grand a week and then – poof – gone. Man that would be scary.

Anyway here’s the two cards:


As always, we will do Keno first and get that one done.

Okay so the first numbers up are 78, 48, 76, 12 and 2. We got 76 which is on the $3 spot so we’ll do that.


The next row is 1, 53, 33, 17 and 79. Nothing really too much except for that $25 row. We need 15 and 72 for $25. Would make the drought in cash worth it.


We also just need 1 number for $3 which is all you can really hope for when you do this – then anything else is just a bonus. That number is 51.

Well in the next row we have:


So 47, 77, 59, 64, 45. Didn’t help us in that $25 row and although we got 1 in the $5 row we are still hping for 15 and 72.

Let’s do the last 5 and hope for the best:

So we get 3. Useless.

YES! 72!!!! Now just 15 for $25. Oh please do that. That would be nice.


80. Hey that gives us 10. If we get 10 or 51 or 15 on the last number we win.




My daughter is helping me scratch the cards and she didn’t get the joke when I said “The only time I didn’t want a 69”.

Okay onto Double Cash for Life. We’ll scratch 2 boxes at a time:


Ack – the first box I scratched the two $10,000 and I saw $,000 in the top left but it was $50k haha. Darn. Woulda been a great start.

2nd box was very poor. Game 3 is the big one. Let’s do that and there is so many symbols it should be fine.

Halfway through the card we have two $100s and two Lifes. Not too shabby.

And nothing. Onto Game 4. Nothing. Game 5. Nothing. I’m just gonna scratch the last game as well.

And then on the game 6 we got nothing as well – stupid tennis symbol didn’t match. Screw cash for life I see why they have to double it as it’s so bloody boring.

Back next week to continue our drought.


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