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Keno Scratch Card Blog #20: Let’s Hit The Jackpot!

It’s been awhile but it’s time again for some scratch card action!

I got tired of scratch cards for awhile – particularly the Keno ones – but I ended up having some good luck over Christmas. I bought a scratch card for a family member who was coming over for Christmas dinner. He ended up changing his mind at the last moment so I was like screw him – I’ll scratch the card by myself. That card cost $10 and won me $50!

I then also received a Christmas gift pack where I won about $18 overall on those cards so that was really nice. So I figure I will go back to the scratch cards for the next month, doing one blog a week.

This weeks edition is of course a Keno card, and a Hit The Jackpot card. You should all know how Keno works now. Here’s the cards and we will do Keno first:


So in the first one out we got 34, 59, 19, 25, 45. This was a GREAT one as we got two numbers on the $5 prize row, and 4 of the 5 numbers came up on the big one – the $50,000 prize row. So 6 numbers left and we win $50,000. Super easy.


The next row gave us 42, 15, 26, 79 and 05. Nothing notable there except we got 26 which is another one off the $50,000 mark. That means we need 13, 21, 55, 69 and 77 to win the $50k. We still need just 32 for the $5 prize.


In the third row, we got 3, 4, 64, 60, 21. THis was a big one in the $100 row as now we need just 23(my lucky number!) and 50 to get the $100 cash prize.


Let’s scratch the rest off one at a time:

55. That’s a huge one as it’s off the $50k mark. Still need 13, 69, 77.

We got 13!!!! Now just 3 numbers to scratch, and 69 and 77 needed.

1. Bleh.

69. Holy crap. Just 77 for $50,000.

Final number was 23. Sigh. Here’s the final card:


Oh well. THat was fun to sit and think if 77 came up what I’d do with $50k.

Onto the next one. Hit the Jackpot. Very simple – you scratch your jackpot numbers and if any come up you win that corresponding prize.

The first 5 numbers we got are 46, 39, 7, 25, 13. Scratched the first column and nothing:


Also if we scratch a diamond we win all 20 prizes in our numbers so that’d be nice.

Eh – this isn’t that exciting for scratching is it? Let’s just scratch them all and see what we get.


Yeah we didn’t win anything.

Honestly I don’t like those cards. There’s no fun involved. It’s just scratching and hoping one of your numbers comes up – meh.

No more of those cards.

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