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Keno Scratch Card Blog #14: FRUIT EXPLOSION!!!

It’s my favourite time of the week – time to scratch me some scratch cards!!!

As always these days – I go and buy a Keno scratch card at the convenience store, and then I buy another one as well. What I really should be doing is checking the list of scratch cards, when their prizes were won etc – basically they have a printout that tells me if the grand prize is available and so on.

Instead I just go with the PRETTY COLOURS. I mean seriously look at this one:


We have the very boring and drab Keno scratch card, and then the much more exciting fruit explosion. Funny to see these and think they both cost $3 – I wonder how much they cost to actually make.

So we’ll do the Keno card first. Top price is $50k but with just two numbers I can win my $3 back which I’m always happy with. Let’s scratch the first row of the Keno scratch card – and I forgot to take a picture of it, oops – as I got too excited!

We got 3, 6, 41, 64 and 68. Already we have an exciting one to chase – the $100 prize. With 7 numbers on there we got 3 of them, meaning we need 20, 30, 42 and 46. Always nice to get a goal this early.

Let’s scratch the 2nd row and I’ll remember to take a picture this time:


Whew – almost forgot to take the picture again in my excitement. We got 20 and 42 which means we just need 30 and 46 for a cool 100 bones. How sweet would that be?

Alright onto the 3rd row looking for just 30 and 46. 2 little numbers. COME ON!!!!

Ack – 44, 24, 76, 18, 49. Useless. Absolutely useless.


Well – onto the 4th row – let’s see if we can find those last 2 numbers and holy crap – the first number is 30.

So 4 numbers to go, and just need 46. What’s great is if I win or I don’t win I don’t really care(although it’d be bloody nice) – just having this entertainment value is enough for me.





Darnit! Here is the final card:


So we came 1 number away from $3, $5, $10 and $100. That’s why I love scratch cards – yeah we didn’t win but it was bloody close, a lot of fun and makes me want to keep playing!

Alright – onto the Fruit Explosion card. There are 13 symbols, and you need to get a horizontal row scratched. Easy enough and you can win up to 5x. I’ll scratch the corresponding prizes for each row and the first 5:


I actually felt sad scratching away the pretty colours.

However the $100 chase is on again – with the grapes, pineapple, banana, star fruit and coconut we just need a watermelon and cherry on row 4 for $100. 9 symbols left to scratch, and I count count about 13 symbols to actually scratch so the odds aren’t too bad. Although note the watermelon covers 5 different rows so I bet we won’t see that sucker anytime soon.

The next five are blueberries, strawberry, lemon, peach and apple:


Holy crap I LOVE THIS SCRATCH CARD. I want to buy a million of them. It’s set up so well – with 4 symbols left to scratch it feels like I just HAVE to freaking win. I probably won’t but I love a card like that where you are sitting there thinking “yep I’ve got this how can I not”.

Alright let’s do the final four symbols of the fruit explosion scratch card:







I love it though – I mean look how bloody close I was all over the place.

Buying another one of these for sure next week!

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