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Keno Scratch Card Blog #13: Keno, Scrabble

Well last week we got right back into the Keno scratch card blogs and had a winner – and I wanted to do it again this week.

Last week, I bought the Keno scratch card as always, and then a Black Pearls scratch card. It cost $3 and $5 respectively and I won $5 – so hey, any sort of win is good. I won the $5 on Black Pearls to get my money back from that.

So this week I decided to go with Keno and Scrabble. Here they are pictured below:


Both cards cost $3.

As always – we will do Keno first.

So I scratch the first row:


3, 29, 46, 75 and 78. So a couple of good ones there – we got 46, which means we just need 31 for $3 and the money back. And really – that’s all I hope for when I do this is to get my money back. The other good one was for $25 – I scratched off 75 and 78 on that one meaning I need just 4 more numbers on there and we’re good to go for 25 bucks.

Next row:


Ooooh – another good one. We got 37 on the $6 one meaning we need just 61 and 64 for that. More importantly is $25 – we just need 47 and 68 on that one – 2 numbers, for $25. I’d be down with that for sure.

So on the 3rd row:


34, 23, 76, 61 and 60. Didn’t help any of the existing ones really but now $6 is in play.

So with one row and five numbers left – we are looking for 31 or 70 or 64. Or ideally, 47 and 68. Those are our only chances of winning.

We start off with 47……then we get 19, 31, 06, 62.


Final card:


So we at the very least get $3 back. Can’t beat that. Sadly no other winners but as I said – I’m just happy for my money back and that’s worth it and I got my entertainment for free.

Alright, onto Scrabble. We have 18 letters, and we need to get just 2 words for $3 back, 3 words for $5 and so on up to the maximum of 11 words for $75,000.

First 5 letters are M, C, Z, N and D. Not good – Z & N weren’t scratched off at all. Useless. Here it is:


Next 4 letters were L, T, E and H and we got a good one here:


It was mostly the L and the E. BUt look at that – now if we get I we get Dill, an A gets us Clam, and there are a lot more options – A is the big one though. IF we can get A we’re going to get at least 6 words I’d expect.

Let’s scratch the next 5:


Meh – Q, P, Y, U and K. Spells YUK which is my reaction. 4 more letters left give us something good please.

I do these individually.

R. Not bad.

I. That’s a good one. It gives us the first word chish is “DILL”. We need “A” and “S” and we would probably hit the 11 words. Hell I’ll take one of them at this point.

Next letter – W. Sigh. Although now if we get O we get at least 2 more words.

And the last letter – B. For BAH. As in BAH HUMBUG.

1 word, no winners. Final board:


Oh well – only 1 word, but Scrabble is one of my funnest games to play becaues it’s always set up so well – you know you are just 1 letter away from a massive win.

Might go with 3 scratch cards next week.

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