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Keno Scratch Card Blog #12: Keno, Black Pearls

Well it’s been awhile since we’ve did any Keno scratch card blogs lately. I just haven’t been “feeling it” in terms of scratch cards lately for some reason.

I mean I go to the convenience store at least three times per week, and one of those times is to buy lotto tickets so I’m ALWAYS presented with a chance to gamble and the scratch cards are just staring me straight in the face – but for whatever reason, I’ve put it off.

Until now!

I’m not sure why but I got a real good vibe earlier when I was at the store and looking at the cards, and I decided yep – today is the day I buy some scratch cards and get this keno scratch card blog going again.

We have two scratch cards this week. A Keno one – and one called Black Pearls. Here is what they look like:


I’ll do Keno first. You should know the drill by now – scratch all the numbers at the top left on the Keno board. The card cost $3, and the minimum prize is $3 with the jackpot of $50,000. You just have to get all of those numbers unscratched.

Let’s do the first row of numbers:


Well not bad – we got 24, 28, 44, 57 and 71. 2 numbers down on $100, $1,000 and $50,000 and 1 off $10 which is a good start.

Let’s do the second row:


so we got 9, 79, 10, 42 and 36. The main thing here is we got two numbers off the $10 slot – so all we need is 30 and 45 on the last two rows to be up cash. That would be nice.

$100 is also still up for grabs with 4 numbers to go on that – nothing else really looks good but that can all change with 10 numbers left:


Well that was disappointing. 43, 76, 80, 65 and 04 don’t really help us at all. Nothing looking good – sigh, let’s do the final row.

51, 11, 48, 35, 45. No real intense ending or anything – just blah.


Oh well – onto Black Pearl.

So for this one you have to scratch the 4 winning numbers, and then the 20 “Your Numbers”. If you match any of the numbers then you win a prize. And if you uncover a gem, you also will win $20. $5 it cost to buy this one. I’ll scratch the winning numbers and half the card….

…actually I need to stop for a second, because my heart just skipped a beat. I scratched the winning numbers of 9, 38, 25 and 34. Then I scratched the first number – but I scratched it from the right:


It’s 39, but I initially scratched it and I saw the 9 and $25,000 and I was just like YES. Sadly – not to be the case. But moments like that are why it can be fun to do scratch cards.

And then the very next number I scratch? Is 9. And the prize? $5! Woo-hoo, 2 numbers down and already made my money back on this card.

After half the card I’m at $5, I’ll just scratch the rest:


Well sadly the “Loaded with $20 Prizes” didn’t work out – but hey, I got $5 right off the bat and made my money back. That was quite fun.

I’ll be back next week with more scratch card goodness.