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Keno Scratch Card Blog #11: Going for Gold

Well last week I said no more Gold Keno cards.

Yet here I am again.

I don’t know why – maybe I am a sucker for punishment. Last week I did a Gold Keno card and I didn’t even come close really. It was just depressing. But on the other hand by the end of it I WAS just 1 number away from $3, $5 or $6.

I went to the store tonight to get cards and they had just ONE Keno card left. I checked the daily printout and it told me that the grand prize had NOT YET BEEN WON.

So of course, I had to leave with this bad boy:

I mean when there is just ONE LEFT how can you not, right?

Don’t fail me now oh Gold Keno card.

Let’s scratch scratch scratch:

Well not the greatest unfortunately. 13, 44, 43, 38 and 70. Nothing really great showed up there.

Onto the next row….

actually, I’m really sorry about this. But unfortunately my camera pictures are all blurry. I’ll have to type them out.

2nd Row: 74, 6, 11, 7, 66.

3rd Row: 48, 51, 75, 80, 53.

4th Row: 57, 04, 64, 02, 16.

Here’s the final card:

It got pretty exciting near the end – because the $10 row we got 02 and all we needed was 41. Alas, it was not to be.

Ah screw it – I’m heading to the OTHER corner store to see if they have any gold cards.


They actually had like 10 of them haha but I just picked one.

Let’s lose for a 3rd straight Gold Keno card then I promise I am never buying one of these damn things again.

So we get 79, 42, 23, 64 and 05. Two of the entries in the $6 row. Not bad, not bad at all.

The second row brings us some joy in the $5,000 row with a ton of them scratched as we get 48, 31, 59, 72 and 58:

So we’ve got 2 numbers to get $6, and 3 numbers to get $5,000 and 10 numbers to scratch. Not bad.

3rd row brings us no luck unfortunately:

Sorry for the blurriness. Hard to hold the camera straight when you are crying haha.

Last row is 68, 14, 09, 22 and 49 and oh my….

Look at that. We just needed 61 to get $50,000 or 51 to get $5,000 and we just missed them both. Ack – how brutal is that? So sad.

Oh well – that was a fun way to end the gold Keno cards on a high note. And it’s one of those cards where I’ve looked it over about 50 times JUST in case I missed a number. Sadly I didn’t. Oh well.

Thanks for reading guys.

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