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Keno Scratch Card Blog #10: Gold Medal Time

Last time out, I had a TON of fun. Rather than do 2 scratch cards I did just the one and man – did I ever come close to the big money prize.

I ended up with 5 numbers left to scratch being just ONE number away from $50,000 on the pretty yellow Keno card. Man that was such fun – I’m still thinking about it haha.

So this time out I’m doing another solitary Keno card. We’re going with a gold keno card this time. Here’s how it looks:

Unlike last weeks Keno card, there’s no real thrills or excitement about this one. It’s fairly straightforward . Scrach, get the numbers and win. No crazy bonuses or anything like that.

Let’s get to it.

Okay so row 1 is scratched. The first row reveals 7, 27, 65, 47 and 43. Not too bad – we get 2 numbers on the $6 row. That’d be a nice little profit. Plus with 3 numbers with 7 came up and we need 17 and 76 maybe it’s lucky sevens abound.

Let’s scratch the 2nd row:

51, 35, 75, 78 and 61. So we have 1 of the 2 numbers that will give us $3 back which is all I really ask. We just need 38 now. 10 numbers left and there’s a lot of interesting opportunities here.

Let’s do the 3rd row and we get 20, 16, 54, 69, 55. Hmmm the $50,000 prize row is stacking up:

Sadly we need 5 numbers there and with only 5 left yeah I don’t really like our odds haha. Although how sick would that be?

Let’s do that last row:

And yeah – unfortunately that one was a big failure. We came close to the wins, but we needed 1 more number on $3, $5 AND $6. So close, but no cigar. Another row of numbers was probably needed for the win. Blah. I’m never doing Gold Keno cards again!

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