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Caveman Keno vs Super Keno

Keno is a very simple casino game I which players rely more on luck than strategy to win. Online casinos are known to offer many variations of keno games which come with different rules, bonuses and jackpots. Regardless of the keno variant, the basic rules of the game such as selecting your numbers, still stand.

Currently, there are two keno variants which have a good reputation among players; Caveman Keno and Super Keno. Both of these games have benefits and limitations which will be addressed below.

Caveman Keno

There are some few similarities between basic keno and caveman keno. However, in caveman keno players have to choose three numbers before the draw. If at least two of these numbers match with the 20 numbers drawn, you will be credited a multiplier.


· Just like in basic keno, a player is allowed to select between 2 and 10 numbers ranging from 1-80.

· The computer will then draw any three numbers randomly which the player didn’t pick. These numbers are marked as dinosaur eggs.

· Later, 20 numbers will be drawn from 1 to 80 just like in regular keno.

· The amount of money won will depend on the numbers which match with the 20 numbers picked by the computer.

· Multipliers are awarded depending on the number of dinosaur eggs matching the 20 numbers. For instance, players get 1x multiplier for zero or 1 match, 4x for two matches and 8x for three matches.

· The paytable and multiplier will determine the overall payout of the game.

Advantages of playing Caveman Keno

The main outstanding features of caveman keno are; Egg bonus feature and User-friendly graphical interface. It has a relaxing background music, updated sound effects and statistical database which helps players to monitor their progress.

The other reason as to why players never get bored of playing Caveman keno is due to its Paleolithic features such as dinosaur eggs. Furthermore, this keno variation gives players the chance of increasing their winnings via multipliers.

Super Keno

Unlike traditional keno, super keno is very fast paced hence players can make more money within a short span of time. The name ‘Super’ comes from its ‘superball’ which is the 20th to be generated in the game. Matching this number will immensely increase your wins.


The rules of playing super keno are very similar to those used in regular keno. However, if the first drawn ball wins, any other win will be multiplied by 4. To play the game, you will need to pick any 10 numbers between one and eighty. Players can take a bigger risk by choosing more spots but with a bigger wins. Some players might decide to go ‘safe’ by choosing less spots but will smaller wins. It’s a good idea to go with 5 spots for good odds and high payouts. Here is a summary Super keno rules:

· The game features numbers 1-80 from which players are required to bet on.

· Players are allowed to bet on a maximum of 10 numbers at any one time.

· The 20th or last number to be generated becomes the superball.

· If any of your numbers match with the Superball, your original stake will be multiplied by 4.

Features of Super Keno

Players enjoy playing Super keno as it’s easy to play and has very simple rules. Players need only to hit the ‘play’ button to start the game. There is also an auto play feature which enables the machine to place bets for you automatically.

The most attractive feature of super keno is its amazing Superball. Matching your numbers with this ball quadruples your winnings at any time. For instance, if your original win was $100, you will pocket $400.

There is also a progressive super keno feature which comes with huge jackpots. There are certain rules which have to be followed to participate in this progressive jackpot.


Both Caveman and Super Keno games are immensely fun to play as players are only required to pick any ten numbers between 1 and 80. However, you should try your best to understand how different poker variations work to increase your payouts. Furthermore, you should stay away from certain betting strategies developed by other players. Such strategies will only change how you lose but will not have any effect on odds of the bets present at the table. If you are a newbie, play for free at first.

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