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6 Tips for Beginner Keno Players

So you’re a new player looking to play Keno for the first time. I’m going to give you some tips to not only enhance the experience and fun of Keno, but also explain how to get the most out of each Keno Game.

This won’t talk about the rules of Keno or anything like that – more tips for you to get enjoyment out of the game as you’re dragged to it by your friends or grandmother or whatever. Don’t worry – we’ve all been there. That’s how I got started in Keno!

#1: Stick to Single Card Keno

That goes for online, OR at a casino. Online you can play multi card keno and you can buy multiple Keno cards in a casino. Don’t do that. Trust me. It’s too much to get used to at once. Take it slow, and get used to the game. As slow paced as it is you don’t want to be juggling multiple cards and missing out.

#2: Play Online for Free

before sinking money into Keno, play it for free online. A great casino for that is (Doesn't accept Americans; play Power Keno at WinADay instead. who offer a host of Keno games. You can play each one and determine what one is best for you.

#3: Play Different Numbers

The worst mistake you can do is like the lottery – playing the same numbers. Birthdates and all that. Because then you feel like you are “stuck” there and if you are on a losing streak, your numbers are due. That’s never good. Mix it up and play with different numbers so you don’t feel like you are attached to your chair and scared to leave.

#4: Go In With A Strategy

Having random numbers is great – but go for some sort of a strategy. For example – you’ll only play numbers that are in the same row. Or one number per row, or one number per column. Whatever you want – just mix it up. Go with popular numbers or cold numbers – just do something to give you a strategic approach. It’ll be fun.

#5: Get A No Deposit Bonus

One cool thing online casinos offer is a no deposit bonus. Take advantage of that. What that means is you register at a casino and they give you cash free – no deposit needed. And you can then play Keno for free. A great way for beginners to play while also getting the rush of actually winning money.

One such casino for that is Classy Coin Casino (Now Closed: Try Power Keno at WinADay instead) where you get a nice $25 no deposit bonus and you can play that at the Keno games.

#6: Try out Multi Card Keno

Keno might hook you – but it might not, and that’s where Multi Card Keno comes in. Available at WinADay Casino is “Power Keno” where you can play a ton of Keno cards at once. This is an incredibly popular game which, and I quite, has “breathed new life into the game of Keno”. I know a lot of Keno players who having played that can’t go back to Single Card Keno now.

Hopefully this helps all beginners and please share your own Keno tips if you have any!

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